String Quartet No. Who Cares (2019)

This is a program note. This is my chance, as the composer, to try and win you over before/after you’ve heard the piece. If I know it’s not great, I can use this time to make up some esoteric artsy stuff that justifies it after the fact. It sounded like that on purpose, The Artist says. Alternatively, if I know its a banger, I can use this time to stroke my own ego and tell you all about the cool and interesting musical, rhetorical, and narrative devices I so masterfully crafted and interweaved to create this divine artistic statement. Perhaps if I am daft and pretentious, I can do a healthy combo of both and use lots of words to marvelously describe my mediocre work while completely oblivious to its inadequacy. Either way, I am conflicted about the best approach to use in this space so I will say this: This is a string quartet. I wrote it, and the performers are insanely good at playing it. Everything else is up to you.


This recording features JACK Quartet.