Shhh! (2016)

     Shhh! explores the manner in which the audience member experiences time. The Prelude, Opening, and Interlude serve as seeds that present material that will reappear, sometimes verbatim, in other movements with the intention of drawing the listener back to a previous moment in time. Additionally, several musical ideas are "interrupted" by new material. The interruptions also appear in layers, with some interruptions interrupting other interruptions! These interruptions last for varying amounts of time, with some lasting several movements.

     In addition to this exploration of time, Dance and Collage both experiment with the idea of using complete musical phrases and styles, rather than single notes, rhythms, and timbres, as the basis of musical composition. This creates several stark, and at times absurd, juxtapositions of musical qualities.

     Also operating within this framework of time and eclecticism is a solo clarinet subplot, whose resolution serves as a reminder to not take myself so seriously.

              This recording features Eric Leise, Maggie Ng, Sarah Seagraves, Eric Hessel, and Ryan Ayres.