Requiem (In Progress)

       Requiem is cycle for soprano, bass, piano, and percussion that I am in the process of finishing. At the moment I have about half of the movements completed. Below are recordings of some of the completed movements. 


I. Kyrie

       This opening movement introduces the main motive (which is the first line the soprano sings) that guides the rest of the cycle. The piece takes the main motive and presents it in canon, unison, retrograde and other various permutations. The movement also serves as a thematic introduction to the work, which deals with depression.


X. Dies Irae

       This rhapsodic movement serves as the thematic climax of the work, and utilizes many different themes and motives that appear earlier and later in the cycle.

Both of these recordings feature Josefina Maldonado, Jacob Moreno, Michelle Schodowski, and West Fox.