Minecraft Scoring Suite (2016)

      I composed a set of cues to accompany a Minecraft map I made. Really the map was based around the character of music I wanted to create, however both of these two entities informed the other. I made all of the cues in Logic Pro X, and attempted to create a variety of moods for the game itself, while still adhering to the overall aesthetic of the game itself. The original music from the game uses mostly synthesized sound, so I did the same.

      To the right is a playlist of the tracks in their entirety; note that these are intended to be looped by the game engine, so very few of them have a definite ending (aside from the main, menu, and victory themes). Also to the right is a video showing these cues in context. All of the cues are triggered by the game engine, and not edited in to the video. I used a set of command block triggers to sound the music whenever the player entered a certain region of the map. 

       I really enjoyed composing these cues; they gave me a chance to compose something outside of what I normally do, and implementing them into a game I have spent numerous hours buried in was a bonus.