5 Lenses - Evan (2017)

       5 Lenses is a collaborative piece composed by the five founding members of Eclective, with the instrumentation taken from the various instruments and voice types each member plays or sings. To form the piece, each composer wrote one miniature in reaction to the paintings “Chaos” and “Resolution” by American painter Henry Asencio, which were then compiled into a single multi-movement work. As the initial source of inspiration was the same for each composer, the miniatures represent the individual styles and approaches to musical composition held by each member. Each miniature, titled after its creator, shows a common subject viewed through a unique lens.

     This is my movement from the above mentioned work. As the other composers make their movements available they will be linked below. The mentioned paintings are also shown on this page.

This recording features Evan O. Adams (electric guitar), Grant Carrington and Austin Simonds (piano 4 hands), John Snyder (nylon guitar), and Austin Poorbaugh (nylon guitar).

Austin Simonds’ movement can be found here. Send him a message on his website and tell him I sent you.